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Informal infographic depicting evolution 

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Remember when a 20 year old Beyoncé lowkey snatched Celine Dion

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teeth so white they republican

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After Michael Brown’s shooting in Ferguson, the opinion departments of Guardian US and the St Louis Post-Dispatch partnered to gather readers’ stories from around the world of being racially profiled by police. Our hope is that this sampling will help spur empathy – and then action, everywhere. 

You can read all 18 stories at Comment is free. Do you have an experience to share? Tell us using the #FergusonVoices hashtag. 

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Notting Hill Carnival: Woman shares selfie after being ‘punched in face for telling man to stop groping her’ →





i’m fucking sick and tired of seeing the word “alleged” when it comes to BLATANT ACTS OF VIOLENCE

OMG this is fucking disgusting.

piece of shit should’ve stabbed him in the gut

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its so hard to date once youve become socially aware like it really limits who you can stomach letting touch you and once ur eyes are opened they cant go shut again

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Pussy put his ass to sleep, now he callin’ me NyQuil
Teacher:How much is a gram?
Me:Shit, Depends on what you want..


now that i’ve seen zayn how can i be satisfied with anyone else

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